Design Role: Systemizing: Pévèle

(activities oriented towards organising synergies and multiplication effects between the different single projects of elements of the project…)

Inter-residences cross-fertilisation sessions…
Residences are based on a succession of sessions of immersion in the context, generating empathy with the inhabitants of the place, kicking-off of collaborative innovation process with them and periods of emersions dedicated to sedimentation of the knowledge acquired, to the elaboration of the projects and to the decision making to orient the whole process.
During the periods of emersion, specific session of discussion and exchange between the different residences in progress have been organised during the first 2 years of experimentation of Territoires en Résidences. These Inter-residences sessions were then very beneficial both to help the residents’ team ‘to take the head out of water’, to take some distance from the local context, to regenerate a strategic level of control of the residences, etc, and to incentive comparisons between the residences, to inspire alternative approaches, to exchange tips and tools, etc. Considering the case of territorial framework projects in particular the value of Inter-residences sessions will address a third and more strategic level of raising synergies at a framework level. In the case of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais project, Inter-residences sessions will play a decisive role at the interplay between the framework project level and of the local projects activated each by a residence: synergies between local projects will be strengthened and consolidate the framework project; new levels of synergies may arise between the different local contexts involved and generate additional facets to the framework project.

A simple daily blogging…
The Territoires en Résidences programme favour a simple easy access digital tool and emphasizes the regular publication of narrations. A single shared blog common to all the residences privileged a chronological approach with a daily publication of progress achieved in each residences. More than a discussion platform, this setting is appropriated to broadcast the Territoires en Résidences’ programme to a large arena of observing stakeholders. The apparently messy blog mixing posts form all the different residences emphasized the program level and the experimentation of residences as a format beyond the development of each single residence case.
The development of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais framework and local projects may require a more sophisticated collaboration platform although the current simple settings achieved, probably also because of its simplicity, a remarkable level of restitution and retains attention of a very large range of stakeholders from civil servants in the Regional Council to the hosting population in the residences.

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