Strategic Design Scenarios is a consultancy specialised in strategic design, participative scenario building and new product-services system definition.
SDS is active in various fields and research projects such as investigating Creatives Communities for Sustainable Lifestyles in China, India, Brazil and Africa for UNEP; exploring immersive service design approach to foster innovation and sustainability in public institutions for the 27e Région in France or building a deliberative platform on nanotechnologies.
SDS is consulting for industry and is involved in several national, European and international research projects.  Offices are based in Brussels and offer facilities for co-design, interaction with users, video-sketching, rapid prototyping and product-service systems simulation.
SDS is responsible for the DESIS Europe network and co-producing the SEP Sustainable Everyday Project. This collection of scenarios and case of social innovations asked: what might everyday life be like in a sustainable society? How would we work, move, and take care of each other? The picture that emerged was that of a ‘multi-local city…based on participative connected citizens”. Last book on the subject: Collaborative services, Social innovations and design for sustainability.