Design and Innovation for Sustainability (DIS) is a research unit led by Prof. Ezio Manzini in the department of Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication at Politecnico di Milano. The research of DIS focuses on sustainable product service-system innovation, from both the environmental and the social perspectives. DIS is actively involved in didactic activities, basic and applied research in different fields such as strategic design, scenario building, life cycle design, service design, product-service-system design, mobility and transportation management and innovation, natural resources management, urban planning. Our research deals with a variety of issues related to sustainability such as: housing, territorial systems and emerging contexts, food system, welfare, mobility, creativity systems.

The main task of Politecnico di Milano is to generate the emerging visions and enabling systems for sustainable lifestyles based on the analysis of the current best practices together with the 4 working groups in WP3. The outcome will be used as the raw materials for generating future visions and scenarios in WP4 with Demos Helsinki. In addition, Politecnico di Milano will use its expertise in design to visualize the visions and scenarios into a visual script which can be readily communicated internally and externally.

Politecnico di Milano team consists of 4 members from various backgrounds – engineering, architecture, industrial design and interaction design – which allows them to approach design for social innovation and sustainability from different perspectives. Led by Ezio Manzini who has experiences of over two decades in the field of design for sustainability, the team staffs will use their specialties to tackle the issues of sustainability and generate visions and scenarios. In addition, Politecnico di Milano team will access abundant resources accumulated by DIS research unit as well as by global partners in the network of ‘Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability’ DESIS to provide necessary knowledge for this project.