Design Role: Facilitating: Pévèle

(the tools from participative design are used to support interaction and convergence between the parties involved…)

Residences as immersions and emersions…
The residences are a succession of sessions deeply rooted in a local context and remote analysis and knowledge building work. They are normally composed of 3 iterations between one-week immersions and 2 weeks emersions over a period of about 4 months. A preparatory phase is made of discussions between La 27e Région, the place hosting the residence and the co-financing region. Also 2 preliminary visits on the field are organised to both define and catalyse the team of residents and to start the collective identification of areas of common interests between all the stakeholders involved. No specific briefing is set but a general process to be followed is proposed in the resident guide (see below under Enabling).

The 1st immersion session is dedicated to participative exploration of the social fabric inside and outside the hosting institution; to map official and implicit relationships and identify the potential of on-going initiatives and projects.
The following emersion period focuses on the digestion of the initial impregnation and socialisation work; on the consolidation of the long term vision emerged from the various interactions;
The 2nd immersion session starts a participative concrete project, small size but supposed to be finished before the end of the residence to demonstrate a first concrete development towards the implementation of the long term vision.
The following emersion period maturates a programme of short-medium term projects starting from the already existing initiatives also heading towards the long term vision.
The 3rd immersion session is giving priorities and organises with all the local forces in presence the implementation of the programme of projects.
The final emersion is providing to the dissemination of the lessons learn and to organise a support activity for further projects development and consolidation of the new innovation culture.

The first residence foreseen for the Nord-Pas-de-Calais periurban project would be hosted by the local development agency that took part to the Investigation activities. The Syndicat Mixte du SCoT du Grand Douaisis is a joint resource between 7 Pévèle municipalities. Its task is to negotiate the application of the Schéma de Cohérence Territoriale (SCoT), a scheme for cohesion of the local development agreed by the 7 municipalities. It plays an important role in the regulation of the strong urbanisation pressure threatening periurban areas and in coordinating joint initiative for sustainable development. Its weakness lays in the fact that it evolve only at an institutional level, cut from the user level. Running a residence there would be interesting to both grasp a more comprehensive overview of the periurban challenges, roots the Foresight studies and investigate possible innovation in the tools and procedures used by local development agencies to demonstrate alternative sustainable and quality living in periurban areas and advocate at the interplay between elected politicians, local institutions and the population.

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