Design Role: Systemysing: Ojo al Sancocho

Festival Case Studies:
Section A:
Description of the festival activities: A general description of the elements that make up the festival, their qualities and circumstances.

Place and date of the activity
Name of the activity given by the local population
Description of the activity

Figure 4. Audiovisual samples, concerts, talks, all over Ciudad Bolívar. First activities to consider.

Section B:
Case study of the festival activity: Listing the specific and distinct elements of the festival.
Description of the festival activity: Describing the type, versions, components, specific pieces, singularity, examples, categories, and opinions in the local population.

Figure 5. Aesthetic of the festival. Elements of popular traditon.

Section C:

Analytical aspects of the festival
Categories for specific analysis:

Material and/or Instruments used
Knowledge transfer
Symbolic sociological representation used

Section D:

Festival entries
Ways to capture the festival:

Other entries

Figure 6. Memories of the festival.

Section E:
Recommendations: Identifying risks, opportunities and interventions that affect the festival continuity.

Figure 7. Methodology and concepts: Interpretation, registration, and recommendation.

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