Design Role: Envisioning: Ojo al Sancocho

A model to improve the ever-changing but sustainable city developments was necessary.
Methodology and Concepts:
Within a methodological framework that guided the course of the investigation, there were two key questions to be asked:  What to watch? + How to watch?
One methodology used by students at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia included the following:

1.    Register = to watch
Registration and documentation
2.    Interpret = to read
Interpretation and re-categorization of problems and trends
3.    Advise = to capture
Advise and foster public action

-    Analytical core elements: configure the showing, guide the analysis, configure the questions
-    Thematic core elements: problematization, entries by different content and qualities, positioning and selection of festival agents

To be identified: actors, social ties, cultural capital, land/territory and hierarchies, all as a group of territorial agents.

To be drawn up: a scheme of contextualized and relevant considerations for formulating festival recommendations.

Figure 3. Workshop outcomes. The workshop was directed by Professor William Vásquez, Academic Coordinator – School of Design, Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

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