Design Role: Envisioning: DOTT07

Presentations, visualisations, exhibitions and prototyping took various roles in the programme. Envisioning processes, data, concepts and possible solutions became fundamental both to keep the framework together, linking projects and initiatives, and also to help people with different backgrounds to collaborate on projects with the design teams.

Visualisations were personas, various kinds of maps, films and videos, installations, mock-ups. Some examples are:
- The film by Thinkpublic became an inspiration for the design session as well as an engaging and empowering tool during the making.
- Livework in Move Me created a paper prototype of a lift share service that was then tested and evaluated by different schools and communities.
- Thinkpublic created a light box to visualize how four representative personas were using different services. When one of the persona lighted up all the relative services and activities were lighted as well, generating a quick understanding of a complex system.

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