Design Role: Systemizing: DOTT07

Dott 07 didn’t work much at generating/increasing systemic effects of the individual projects as the programme was mainly directed at showing a different way to promote Design and Sustainability, while less attention was given to consciously amplify synergies. The approach was more similar to the ‘acupuncture’ or ‘viral’ approach adopted by 27a Region programme in France, considering each initiative as a potential demonstrator and activator of an alternative way of doing things, that could ‘naturally’ evolve and diffuse as a ‘good practice’. Systemising activities were mainly aiming at maintaining the framework together, and facilitating a good communication among the different design teams, via periodical meetings and web platforms.

As part of this strategy, art and community engagement activities (in particular educational activities among schools) acted as complementary initiatives ‘filling the gaps’ among project design commissions. These activities helped to reach out and reflect on the programme topics with a wider population, but didn’t aim at developing any particular solutions or ideas to transform the region.

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