Design Role: Communicating: DOTT07

Communication as a mean to connect individual projects
The horizontal activities were management meetings, internal meetings, external initiatives, design showcases, digital platforms and communication tools. The board met eight times every year to build the partnership and plan how to generate a lasting legacy. Internal meetings, called ‘Otterburn’ and ‘Notterburn’, were attended by Dott 07 core members and senior designers. Through these meetings, they clarified Dott 07 vision and shared each projects’ progress, approaches and methodologies through ‘pecha kucha’ style presentation and discussions. External initiatives were called ‘explorers club’, open events conducted before the launch of a project and at the end of the programme. Through ‘explores club’ people could get to know new people, share design methods and bridge the gap between what people need and what people can get. At the end of the Framework Project people met also to discuss each project sharing feedback and results. The ‘explores club’ used ‘speed date’ meeting, presentations, group discussions and activities including conversation, mapping out issues and brainstorming.

Communication as a mean to engage the community and share results
Design showcases such as Dott 07 showcases and Dott 07 Festival were conducted for the public. In particular, Dott 07 festival exhibited all of the design events and projects in one place. xx
Design showcases helped to raise awareness on Design and on sustainable ways of living. Dott 07 website ( was the main digital platform.

Communication as a mean to create trust and endure collaboration
Most of the projects had a website to keep track of their activities in the form of a blog or used on-line platforms to engage and collect contributions and make them visible. The main aims were -the transparency of the project process (build trust) and the engagement of participants.
As other communication forms, there were several publications and leaflets.

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