Design Role: Leading: Xianqiao Village

Design leadership
(the very project initiative and its promotion is leaded by the design team…)

The Chongming sustainable community project is a design driven project. It comes from the vision of sustainability, the insight of the present context and the understanding of the particularity of the area. It is a sustainable community project based on a design research initiative led by Tongji University and Studio Tao a urban design Think and action tank focused on sustainability which is coordinating all the participants in the project, including the local Chong Ming island government, village communities of the island, business partners and University resources. The Chong Ming initiative is, in other words, an attempt to use design as a new tool to promote solution towards a sustainable future for rural China and to design a social innovation prototype to be used in other design processes to improve human life in China and beyond.

Designers’ role in the project has been preponderant. From the strategic point of view it has been that of mobilizing the social capital proposing comprehensible, viable, attractive scenarios and solutions by mediating between providers and users. All the roles, or the stakeholders, have  been motivated by the design activities and solutions.
The key issue of the project has been the quality of the scenarios and proposals and how much the stakeholders could be activated. Given that designers intervened at different levels of the project using different design tools.

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