Design Role: Communicating: Pévèle

(illustrated presentations, clear mapping, appealing visuals are used to explain and disseminate the project…)

A video demonstrator to prompt strategic conversation…
The final presentation of the workshop outputs is proposed in the form of a virtual visit of what a sustainable periurban area could look like, browsing a map of a typical portion of this area in Nord-Pas-de-Calais where a coherent distribution of the hypothesis of new services are popping-up. Although, each single proposal is still at a very early stage of a simple suggestion, all together, they reach the momentum to outline an alternative perspective for the future of the Pévèle area and reach the status of a ‘demonstrator’, a virtual simulation of the potential results of framework and local projects.
The request of building a ‘demonstrator’ came from the preparatory discussions with the local developing agency. The Syndicat Mixte du SCoT du Grand Douaisis is a regulation and organisational infrastructure which is lacking tools to advocate for the feasibility of a different and more sustainable living in periurban area. They are looking for both more creative, inspirational and at the same time concrete and convincing examples of the scheme for cohesion of the local development (SCoT) they represent and manage.
Beyond the specific use that local stakeholders may do of such sustainable development oriented supports, the simulation of a framework and related local projects in a realistic and highly visual and communicative way is a promising tool to effectively prompt the stakeholders to take action. A tentative presentation of the changes expected in the situation allows each different player to project into an alternative situation and assess its desirability. A sample of promising ideas indicates possible directions of implementation towards a feasible change. The both realistic and still open form of the demonstrator prompts the social conversation. In the case of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais project, the first demonstrator produced by the exploration workshop allows to start the discussion with the Regional Council towards the concrete deployment of a first set of residences.

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