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Project Introduction Text: Ojo al Sancocho

“Ojo al Sancocho” Film Festival, Ciudad Bolívar, Bogotá, Colombia by Gloria Rodríguez (1) Introduction The objective of the project is to analyze how the community of Ciudad Bolívar in Bogotá, Colombia makes itself socially present  through the construction of a film festival.  The third Ojo al Sancocho Film Festival is organized by Sueños Films Colombia.  [...]

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Design Role: Leading: Ojo al Sancocho

The project initiative and its promotion are lead by the Sueños Films Colombia team.  Non-professional designers are involved and they act clearly with a design approach. Design students are involved as well in the preliminary workshops. The aim of the activities is to explore in depth the dynamics inside the festival and its impact in [...]

Design Role: Investigating: Ojo al Sancocho

The DESIS Alliance “Civic Award For a Better Bogotá”, a project that supports community initiatives, allowed for a trial exercise to be run for this year’s visiting film festival contestants.  The one-week long trial made it possible to collect information about upcoming projects that might share similar characteristics, compile photographic registries, conduct interviews, open access [...]

Design Role: Facilitating: Ojo al Sancocho

Students from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and the Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá participated in making maps describing the dynamics of the festival, the actors involved, the relationships with the community, the construction, and the land acquisition.

Design Role: Envisioning: Ojo al Sancocho

A model to improve the ever-changing but sustainable city developments was necessary. Methodology and Concepts: Within a methodological framework that guided the course of the investigation, there were two key questions to be asked:  What to watch? + How to watch? One methodology used by students at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia included the following: [...]

Design Role: Systemysing: Ojo al Sancocho

Festival Case Studies: Section A: Description of the festival activities: A general description of the elements that make up the festival, their qualities and circumstances. Place and date of the activity Name of the activity given by the local population Description of the activity

Design Role: Enabling: Ojo al Sancocho

The following categories that affect the audiovisual construction in the workshops are to be analyzed: image, body, material, language, land, mediation, and knowledge transfer, in order to establish: – Aesthetically sensitive experiences – Transformation, conservation, and oblivion – Pertinence, coherence, recurrence – Expression, content, behavior – Work, labor, action After this exploration and investigation, the [...]

Design Role: Communicating: Ojo al Sancocho

The development of a downloadable manual on the festival’s website has been proposed as a way to incentivize participation in the EKO-Audiovisual School and the Ciudad Bolívar Media Center and to encourage residents to possibly compete in the Ojo al Sancocho Film Festival. The elaboration of this material is a work in process. Guidelines: 1. [...]