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Design Role: Leading: an introduction…

Leading corresponds to a series of design activities oriented towards conducting or facilitating the overall Framework Programme. Often the Leadership is set up in the original agreements or partnerships at the beginning of the programme, and is often negotiated with the needs and aims of funding and partner institutions. In some case studies Design schools [...]

Design Role: Leading: Ojo al Sancocho

The project initiative and its promotion are lead by the Sueños Films Colombia team.  Non-professional designers are involved and they act clearly with a design approach. Design students are involved as well in the preliminary workshops. The aim of the activities is to explore in depth the dynamics inside the festival and its impact in [...]

Design Role: Leading: Pévèle

Design leadership (the very project initiative and its promotion is leaded by the design team…) A partnership with public authorities… The genesis of the project is a progressive interplay between the Regional Council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais represented by the Direction of Sustainable Development, Foresight and Assessment (D2PE) and La 27e Région in collaboration with Strategic Design [...]

Design Role: Leading: Xianqiao Village

Design leadership (the very project initiative and its promotion is leaded by the design team…) The Chongming sustainable community project is a design driven project. It comes from the vision of sustainability, the insight of the present context and the understanding of the particularity of the area. It is a sustainable community project based on [...]

Design Role: Leading: DOTT07

Design of the Time is first of all a ‘Design-centred’ programme as its main vision and aim are to grow awareness of Design and to explore new ‘designerly’ approaches to innovation on a wide scale. Mostly designers and design led teams have been participating in its activities forming the core of the initiative, but at [...]