‘Envisioning’ Archive

Design Role: Envisioning: an introduction

Envisioning is about those design activities devoted to figure out and represent, in a visual language, potential design trajectories/ideas/solutions for Framework projects. Envisioning takes place basically to inform and build up the vision of a FP. Outputs of this activity are generally scenarios and simulations. At the beginning of a project it is in the [...]

Design Role: Envisioning: Ojo al Sancocho

A model to improve the ever-changing but sustainable city developments was necessary. Methodology and Concepts: Within a methodological framework that guided the course of the investigation, there were two key questions to be asked:  What to watch? + How to watch? One methodology used by students at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia included the following: [...]

Design Role: Envisioning: Pévèle

Envisioning (scenario, proposals, simulation and rapid prototyping are used to stimulate and orientate the design partners and stakeholders in the design process) A brainstorming of video sketches… The main design exercise and output of the exploration workshop was to generate as many service ideas as possible towards a more sustainable quality of living in the Pévèle [...]

Design Role: Envisioning: Xianqiao Village

Envisioning (scenario, proposals, simulation and rapid prototyping are used to stimulate and orientate the design partners  and stakeholders in the design process). The aim of this area is to create a set of sustainable design solutions for the transition between rural Chong Ming communities and urban Shanghai communities this can be achieved by the design [...]

Design Role: Envisioning: DOTT07

Presentations, visualisations, exhibitions and prototyping took various roles in the programme. Envisioning processes, data, concepts and possible solutions became fundamental both to keep the framework together, linking projects and initiatives, and also to help people with different backgrounds to collaborate on projects with the design teams. Visualisations were personas, various kinds of maps, films and [...]