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Project matrix

Use the matrix to browse accross the Framework/Local Projects: vertically left you can access an intro to each project how it was developped; top right you can review recurent design roles accross all projects; clicking on theimages, you can access a slide presentation of the projects… All together this matrix presentation constitute a first level [...]

About SEE & SEEK programmes

SEE and SEEK programmes Social innovation for territorial ecology: active communities, distributed systems and design. SEE and SEEK are two programs of the larger PERL initiative. Both are funded from the European Commission for the period 2009-2012. Their common aim is to promote and facilitate Framework Projects as projects that aim to promote and coordinate [...]

About SEE

SEE: Sustainable Everyday Exploration SEE considers a variety of framework projects with the aim to promote their visibility and to offer the possibility, to different involved actors, to compare and discuss their experiences. In order to facilitate this exchange, it creates an online peer-to-peer platform open to design schools, stakeholders and larger interested audiences. The [...]

About SEEK

SEEK: Sustainable Everyday Enabling Kit SEEK focuses on a selected number of framework projects and considers with particular attention the design tools that have been used or that are currently in use. On this basis, and considering different clusters of similar programs and projects, it generates some dedicated sets of design tools that we will [...]


About PERL

PERL : Partnership for Education and research about Responsible Living Based on six years of work by the Consumer Citizenship Network (CCN), PERL develops methods and materials to encourage people to contribute to constructive change through the way they choose to live. PERL is contributing to the Marrakech Process on Sustainable Consumption and Production, as [...]


Design and Social Innovation for Sustainability DESIS is a network of schools of design and other institutions, companies and non-profit organizations interested in promoting and supporting design for social innovation and sustainability. It is a light, non-profit organization, conceived as a network of partners collaborating in a peer-to-peer spirit. This international network comprises several DESIS-Local [...]


Design and Innovation for Sustainability (DIS) is a research unit led by Prof. Ezio Manzini in the department of Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication at Politecnico di Milano. The research of DIS focuses on sustainable product service-system innovation, from both the environmental and the social perspectives. DIS is actively involved in didactic activities, basic and [...]

About SDS

Strategic Design Scenarios is a consultancy specialised in strategic design, participative scenario building and new product-services system definition. SDS is active in various fields and research projects such as investigating Creatives Communities for Sustainable Lifestyles in China, India, Brazil and Africa for UNEP; exploring immersive service design approach to foster innovation and sustainability in public [...]

Design Role: Leading: an introduction…

Leading corresponds to a series of design activities oriented towards conducting or facilitating the overall Framework Programme. Often the Leadership is set up in the original agreements or partnerships at the beginning of the programme, and is often negotiated with the needs and aims of funding and partner institutions. In some case studies Design schools [...]

Design Role: Investigating: an introduction…

Investigating is the process by which Local Project (LP) initiatives are searched out and identified as promising. Principally a field activity, investigating comprises mainly of observation and dialogue with players and stakeholders, backed up by a range of visual reporting methods. Information collected is mapped out to situate each project within its own particular system [...]