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Project Introduction Text: URFJ Restaurant

by Carla Cipolla, Nadia Carvalho (1) The University Restaurant was opened in 2009 and represents a joint effort of the Administration of UFRJ and Institute of Nutrition Josué de Castro / UFRJ. With the focus of interdisciplinary the project attracted also the UFRJ Innovation Agency, the Graduate School and Research in Engineering (COPPE/UFRJ), family farmers [...]

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Project Introduction Text: AMPLIFY

AMPLIFY – Amplifying Creative Communities in New York City (1) by Eduardo Staszowski Introduction The project “Amplifying Creative Communities in New York City” takes a localized approach towards new ideas that can make the transition to more sustainable cities. The starting point of the project is that sustainable social innovation is present in hidden, less [...]

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Project Introduction Text: Ojo al Sancocho

“Ojo al Sancocho” Film Festival, Ciudad Bolívar, Bogotá, Colombia by Gloria Rodríguez (1) Introduction The objective of the project is to analyze how the community of Ciudad Bolívar in Bogotá, Colombia makes itself socially present  through the construction of a film festival.  The third Ojo al Sancocho Film Festival is organized by Sueños Films Colombia.  [...]

Project Introduction Text: NeWu

New Wuxi and New Life (NeWu) by Miaosen Gong, PhD, Associate Professor 1 Introduction NeWu is an ongoing explorative framework project promoted by School of Design, Jiangnan University (JU) and other partners, stakeholders. It aims to promote new sustainable lifestyles with radical change towards sustainability by identifying, intervening and generating sustainable initials, proposals, projects for [...]

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Project Presentation Slides: Ojo al Sancocho

Design Role: Leading: Ojo al Sancocho

The project initiative and its promotion are lead by the Sueños Films Colombia team.  Non-professional designers are involved and they act clearly with a design approach. Design students are involved as well in the preliminary workshops. The aim of the activities is to explore in depth the dynamics inside the festival and its impact in [...]

Design Role: Investigating: Ojo al Sancocho

The DESIS Alliance “Civic Award For a Better Bogotá”, a project that supports community initiatives, allowed for a trial exercise to be run for this year’s visiting film festival contestants.  The one-week long trial made it possible to collect information about upcoming projects that might share similar characteristics, compile photographic registries, conduct interviews, open access [...]