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Project Introduction Text: Pévèle

by François Jégou (1), Stéphane Vincent (2), Romain Thevenet (3) Introduction The project aims at exploring both sustainable and quality ways of living between cities and countryside in periurban areas of Nord-Pas-de-Calais in the North region of France. The project is at a very early stage. The intention is to set an action-research development process [...]

Project Presentation Slides: Pévèle

Design Role: Leading: Pévèle

Design leadership (the very project initiative and its promotion is leaded by the design team…) A partnership with public authorities… The genesis of the project is a progressive interplay between the Regional Council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais represented by the Direction of Sustainable Development, Foresight and Assessment (D2PE) and La 27e Région in collaboration with Strategic Design [...]

Design Role: Investigating: Pévèle

Investigating (the exploration and mapping of existing local social initiatives oriented toward the inspiration of new solutions or systems of solutions…) A ‘safari’ in the Pévèle region… Logistical constrains with the organisation of the first exploratory workshop at the design school Les Ateliers ENSCI in Paris did not allow a real in-depth field investigation of [...]

Design Role: Facilitating: Pévèle

Facilitating (the tools from participative design are used to support interaction and convergence between the parties involved…) Residences as immersions and emersions… The residences are a succession of sessions deeply rooted in a local context and remote analysis and knowledge building work. They are normally composed of 3 iterations between one-week immersions and 2 weeks [...]

Design Role: Envisioning: Pévèle

Envisioning (scenario, proposals, simulation and rapid prototyping are used to stimulate and orientate the design partners and stakeholders in the design process) A brainstorming of video sketches… The main design exercise and output of the exploration workshop was to generate as many service ideas as possible towards a more sustainable quality of living in the Pévèle [...]

Design Role: Systemizing: Pévèle

Systemizing (activities oriented towards organising synergies and multiplication effects between the different single projects of elements of the project…) Inter-residences cross-fertilisation sessions… Residences are based on a succession of sessions of immersion in the context, generating empathy with the inhabitants of the place, kicking-off of collaborative innovation process with them and periods of emersions dedicated [...]

Design Role: Enabling: Pévèle

Enabling (digital platforms, toolkits and other supporting tools are used to enable the local players to act by themselves)

Design Role: Communicating: Pévèle

Communicating (illustrated presentations, clear mapping, appealing visuals are used to explain and disseminate the project…)

Project Introduction Text: Xianqiao Village

by Francesca Rizzo (1) The Chongming Sustainable Community project aims to to improve the living conditions in the Chongming countryside community and to promote its sustainable development. Considering that Chongming is an island of farms and woods very close to Shanghai, the project main strategy is to promote a set of initiatives, both in Chongming [...]

Project Presentation Slides: Xianqiao Village